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Valentines Day Menu  2023

Long Stem Rose Cake

            Chocolate Dip Strawberries

Message Cookies

Caramel Apples

Breakable Hearts

Heart Shape Cake

Valentines Specialty Items

 Long Stem Rose Cake- Vanilla or chocolate piped red Rose  $20 

 Chocolate Dipped Dz Strawberries- Milk , white or dark packed in heart box with ribbon$25

"Lovers Box" Perfect for a couple -Palm heart leaf plate filled with dipped strawberries, double of each, oreo, cake balls, macarons, caramel pretezels,cookies and brownie $40

Caramel Apples- Large Apple dipped in Caramel with your choice of milk, white or Dark chocolate, packed in a window box with ribbon $8 

Chocolate Breakable Hearts- Filled with Candy, comes with Mallet, sm $12 Lg $22 

Cookie decorating Kits - Large Heart with icing bags and sprinkles $15 e or 2/$25 or 6 pack hearts $18 e or 2/$30 12 pc kit $25

Valentines Cupcake Special Dozen mixed of classic flavors decorated for Love! $30

 or filled Dz cupcakes $40

 "Love" Cookie Pack- 4 Iced cookies spelling Love in a sleeve with ribbon $6

Cocoa Bomb Special Packs- 4 pack $15 or 6 pack $25 packed in a window box 

Cocoa Bomb in a Mug- One Heart and one Ball in a Valentins Mug with Chocolate dip spoon $15 or single bomb in a mug $10 

 Conversation Heart Cookies- 8 heart cookies Packed in a window box with edible marker to write your own message, $15  

Single layer heart Cake, cookie or Brownie baked in a heart container &12 e or 2/$20

Decorated Cookies - Hearts or Love, $3.50 e or $35 a dz

 Bakery Cookies- Valentines M&Ms or Chocolate Chip with chocolate drizzle $3.50 each

Biscotti Platters Lemon white chocolate, Almond dark choc, Anise wrapped with ribbon$18 

Mini Almond Macaroon Platter $22 lb Assorted with dark chocolate.

Italian Cookie and Cannoli Platter $35 One dz Cannoli + 1 lb of cookies

French Macarons- $2.25 each or $25 a dz, assorted flavors and colors


Mini Pastry Platters 25pc $50  50pc $85 Assortment of some of the following depending on quantity- Eclairs, Cream puffs, Cannolis Strawberry, Tiramisu, Lemon, bites, Rum cake, Fudge Brownies and Napoleon.

Assorted Pastry available in store and for pre order!

Including Lobster Tails, Tiramisu, Cannoli, Eclair, Peanut Butter Bars, Oreo Mousse Squares, Strawberry or Lemon Squares, Brownies, Napoleon, Carrot Cake, Cream Puffs and assorted Cookies.

Hand Rolled Pies

Key Lime Pie- Graham crust with fresh limes topped with whip cream $25

Coconut Cream Pie- Butter crust with creamy coconut, with whip and toasted coconut $25

Oreo Cream Pie-Oreo crust with oreo mousse with whip cream and crushed oreos $21

Apple Pie- Apple cinnamon pie with a honey glaze crust $22

Apple Crisp- Apple Pie topped with Buttery Oat crumble $23

Blueberry Pie- Loaded with blueberries with a sugared crust $20

Chocolate Cream Pie- Oreo crust filled with chocolate cream topped with whip cream $20

Cherry pie - Cherries and a sugared pie crust $20

Ricotta Pie- Traditional Italian Ricotta with a hint of citrus $22

Pecan Pie- Hand rolled and filled with pecans $25

Specialty Cakes-Triple Layer Cakes- 6” $45, 8” $55 10” $70

Oreo Mousse Cake- Chocolate Cake filled with ganache topped with oreo mousse and oreos

Italian Rum- Soaked with rum and filled with Chocolate and Vanilla Cream, nuts and cherries

Black Forest- Chocolate cake filled with cherry filling and fudge, topped with whip cream

Strawberry Shortcake- filled with fresh strawberries and cream

Cannoli Cake- Filled with Italian Ricotta cream, topped with cannolis and chocolate chips

Lemon Mousse Cake- Filled with lemon pastry cream and iced in lemon mousse

Boston Cream cake- Traditional Ganache icing with yellow cream filling

Raspberry Mousse cake- choc or van cake filled with raspberry jam with rasp mousse

Strawberry Mousse cake- Van cake filled with strawberry jam, topped with straw mousse

Chocolate Mousse Cake- Triple layer filled with ganache, dressed in Mousse icing

Cake Decorating Kit- Finished cake in your flavor choice,ready for decorating sprinkles and icing bags included 4” $20 6”$35

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