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Easter ​Menu 2023

​Please inform us if anyone in your party has a food allergy

Holiday week Hours 

April 6, 7th  Open 10-4pm Saturday 10-3pm


Cookie Menu

All Cookies are freshly Made to order

 Easter Cookies

Includes  Mini Cookies-Chocolate Chip, butter spritz, shortbread, Oatmeal and assorted festive Cookies.


2lb box

1lb $15

Italian Cookie Assortment 

Includes asst. butter, sesame, rasp filed,walnut butterballs about 30 cookies per lb

$16 per Lb

Holiday Cookie Platter

Carrot and bunny Platter $30


Assortment of Anise, Lemon and Almond Biscotti


Decorated Sugar Cookies

Holiday shapes iced with buttercream

$3.25 e or $35 dz

 Anise or Lemon Cookies................$16 lb

Traditional Iced Anise or Lemon Cookies

Royal Icing Mini cookies

Festive Royal Icing Cookies indiviually wrapped with bow


Cookie Decorating kit

Holiday shapes shortbread Comes with icing bags and sprinkles or Jumbo size Egg $20 e or 2/$35

6 pc $18

12pc $25

Mini Almond Macarons

Tradiional Almond paste cookie topped with Almond slices



Extra Large Christmas Tree Cookie Decorating Kit

Icing, sprinkles, fondant star included!

$20 e or 2/$35 

Cake Menu

All these cakes are triple layers. except swiss roll- for standard cakes see our Cake Menu Tab

6' serves up to 10 $45

8' serves up to 20 $55

10" serves up to 30 $65

Easter Bunny Cake

Single layer in your flavor choice- most popular funfetti! cute easter bunny face!.

1/4 sheet $60

Mousse Cakes

Available in  Chocolate, Hazelnut, Raspberry, strawberry or Lemon

Easter Egg Cake

Chocolate Cake filled with cherry and fudge filling topped with whip cream and cherries

sm $15 

lg $25

Italian Rum Cake

Triple layer cake soaked with Rum, Almonds and cherries

Cannoli Cake

Triple Layer filled with Cannoli Cream, Chocolate chips and small cannolis on top

Fresh Stawberry Shortcake

Filled with fresh strawberry and bavarian cream, topped with whip cream and strawberries

Mini Pastry Platters                             

Includes Eclair, lemon bites, Cannoli, Rum Square, Napoleon, Chocolate Mousse bites, Tiramisu, Brownie, Carrot square and cream puffs.


Cookie and Cannoli Platter 

One dz small cannoli with 1lb italian assorted cookies $35

Mini Pasry platters 

30 pc $50

50 pc $75

Mini Pastry Platters                             

Includes Eclair, lemon bites, Cannoli, Rum Square, Napoleon, Chocolate Mousse bites, Tiramisu, Brownie, Carrot square and cream puffs.

Easter Bread (Sweet) sm $12 lg $20

Pastry availble for pre order




Carrot squares


Lemon or strawberry squares

Ricotta slices


cake slices

cream puff


Rum Square



See our Menu Page for Flavors

Holiday Special Dozen                          

Assorted Classic Flavors decorated with sprinkles, Festive Toys

$30 or filled $40

Bunny , chick, eggs and flowers iced Cupcakes

$4.50 e or $54 dz

Mini  Cupcakes 24

Mini Cupcakes some filled decorated for easter, perfect size for after dinner


Hot Cocoa Bombs and Breakables

$5 each 

6 for $25 


Available in Traditional Milk , Dark or White Chocolate or these flavor variations:

Oreo, Peppermint, Strawberry, Matcha, Peanut butter

Breakable Chocolates filled with Candy-

Available in Milk, White or Dark 

Comes with Mallet 

long ear bunny $22

Large Egg $25

Sm bunny $18

Bunny Cookie on stick $5

Pie Menu

All Pies are Hand Rolled in house and made to order!

Key Lime 

Fresh squeezed limes with a graham cracker crust-whip cream



Tradional with hint of citrus


Oreo Cream Pie

Oreo Mousse, Oreo Crust, whip cream & crushed Oreos



Loaded with Pecans


Caramel Pecan 

Graham crust, homemade caramel filling with toasted pecans, whip cream  



Apple Cinnamon Pie with Honey glazed crust


Apple Crisp

Topped with buttery Oat Crumble



Blueberry- Sugared Pie crust


Chocolate Cream  

Oreo Crust, Chocolate Mousse and Cream


Coconut Cream Pie  

Creamy, Toasted Coconut and whip cream


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